Maksimir Park & Dotršćina memorial park

CYCLING  TOUR: Maksimir Park and Memorial Park Dotršćina

Maksimir Park, which was originally formed on the outskirts of Zagreb at the end of the 18th and the first half of the 19th century, today is completely surrounded by urban areas. In this new environment, park Maksimir is a place where, despite its small area of ​​316 hectares, a haven for many plant and animal species ..

Besides forests in Park Maksimir we can find meadows, lakes and streams, which represent important habitats for various plants and animals, thus contributing to its biodiversity.

At the southern end of the forest park is the Zagreb Zoo, which you can visit after the trip.

Memorial Cemetery Park and Revolution Dotršćina, near Maksimir Park, the area that encompasses 365 cadastral acres, mostly forested areas. It stretches between Maksimir and Medvednica mountain.

DESCRIPTION OF COURSE. Its length is 15 km. The trip takes about 2 hours Start and end of the trip is at the main entrance to the park-forest Maksimir, which is located at 122 m above sea level. Then go to the eastern part of the park Svetošimunska. One enters a memorial Dotršćina and the eastern part there is a peripheral part of Markuševac. The highest elevation is 350 m above sea level. Then begins lowering the western part of the park Dotršćina and Maksimir Park. The trail leaves beautiful valley Bliznec and in many places it intersects. The surface being driven on the combined and consists of well-kept gravel roads, broad forest roads and narrow forest paths (singltrack’s). The track is very interesting and quite challenging. It may be extended, but also shorten or customize drivers weaker technical and physical abilities.

Price per person is 40,00 HRK (just rent a bike and equipment). Minimum number of applicants on 4 guide service is free of charge. The price includes bike rental and basic equipment (2 hours). Price can be increased if you want to extend the duration of the trip.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: helmet, bottle of water.

Recommended equipment NOT INCLUDED: backpack, a spare T-shirt, jacket, cycling gloves and pants, a means of protection from the sun and mosquitoes.

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