Zagreb bridges

CYCLING TOUR: Zagreb bridges

Zagreb Sava bridges a series of road, rail and pedestrian bridges that connect the left and right bank of the Sava River in Zagreb. Although spreads on both banks of the Sava, Zagreb has little bridges. According to the General Urban Plan of the City provides for the construction of several new bridges.

For centuries, the river exceeded the rafts, and the biggest turnover was on the way to Karlovac and not with the main crossing at the end of today’s Sava road. The first wooden bridge was built at the site, and in 1892 was replaced by an iron bridge with wooden help for the car and a pedestrian, who was later replaced by reinforced concrete slabs and asphalt surface. Only in the period from 1935 to same location built steel construction of the bridge on the existing piers in the river. This solution ing. Milivoj Frković entered history as the first composite structure. The old structure is moved to Jakuševac long as the Red Bridge used for the circulation of vehicles and pedestrians. Railway Bridge in Zagreb was built in 1862 near the present site at the end of the Sava road with a girder superstructure, and in 1939 was the project engineer. Jure Eregli built a bridge that is still in use today.

The existing bridges across the Sava river arranged downstream from Zapresic to Midsummer Rivers:

Most Zapresic (built in 1980, designer Joseph Novak)
Podsusedski Bridge (1982, architect Vojislav Draganic)
Jankomir bridge (1958, architect James Tonković, erected in 2006, the second roadway, designer Mate Pezer)
Adriatic Bridge (1981, architect Zvonimir Loncaric)
Sava vehicular bridge (1938, architect Milivoj Frković)
New railway (Green) Bridge (1939)
Liberty Bridge (1959, architect James Tonković)
Most youth (1974, architect Vojislav Draganic)
Railway bridge at Mičevac (1968, architect Ljubomir Jevtović) -srušen
Homeland Bridge (2007, architects Rajko Veverka and Martin Balic)
Most Sava River Midsummer (1981, architect Zvonimir Loncaric)

At this interesting excursion you will see 7 bridges.

Its length is 50 kilometers. Duration 5 hours. The surface being driven on the combined and consists of asphalt, gravel and clay decorated shares. The length and duration of the trip can be reduced. The trip is not physically demanding so you can take and less prepared drivers.

The beginning and end of the trip is in the nature park Maksimir at the main entrance with it that can go from any location in the city if the group so prefer. If you are located in one of Zagreb bed and breakfast we would be glad to adapt to your needs and deliver bikes to the address.

Driving through the city along the marked bike paths come to Youth Bridge, cross the bridge and the southern embankment along the lake Bundek drive towards Podsusedsko bridge crossing as Freedom Bridge and the Adriatic bridge. We reach Podsusedsko bridge where we cross to the north side of the Sava River. Here begins the return. We drive to Lake Jarun mound around which we work circle. At the lake we can make a longer stay for a drink or lunch. Eating and drinking is not included in the price of the trip and by every customer pays for itself directly caterer. After the break we return to the Most youth and further to the place of departure.

Price per person is 100.00 HRK (just rent a bike and equipment). Minimum number of applicants on 4 guide service is free of charge. The price includes bike rental and basic equipment (2 hours). Price can be increased if you want to extend the duration of the trip.

ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: helmet, bottle of water.

Recommended equipment NOT INCLUDED: backpack, a spare T-shirt, jacket, cycling gloves and pants, a means of protection from the sun and mosquitoes.

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