Medvednica or Zagrebacka Gora is a mountain north of Zagreb. Sljeme, its highest peak (1033 m above sea level), is a popular vacation area, which can be reached by bike along the road or along the marked bike trails, hiking or by car you can not support. From 1963 to 2007 to the trekkers vehicles travel lift. Medvednica ridge 42 km long and extends from the northeast-southwest. In 1981, the western part of Medvednica was declared a nature park. On Medvednica there are over 200 km of marked hiking trails and biciklističkh.

The most popular trail is Bikčevićeva trail. The code Bliznec the entrance to the Medvednica (275 m above sea level) and ends at the mountain lodge Puntijarka (962 m above sea level). Its length is 6 km and is quite demanding.